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11 Best Korean Eyeshadow Palettes for Soft And Natural Looks

Jul 25, 2023Jul 25, 2023

The K-beauty skincare and makeup has already paraded into our beauty shelves and the best Korean eyeshadow palette is the next best thing to add to your stash. K-eyeshadow palettes are great for a more naturally tuned look — just as Korean celebrities love it. With an incredible color payoff and longevity, these pretty pans are an absolute must-have. With a mix of berry colors, neutral shades, brown hues, and pastels, you can spot your favorite lineup in soft mattes and pearly shimmers.

As per our expertise, we have whipped up a list of the best Korean eyeshadows, approved on the Editor’s mark sheet. Check out our top picks and all the details on this K-beauty product category, followed by a comprehensive buying guide.

You have got glitter, matte, metallic, shimmer, and chrome, all in this one palette by Erinde. The ten shades, ranging from pastel pink to a smoky brown, are the perfect powder palette for any eye makeup you wish to try. The rosy hues colors in the palette are expert-curated and meant to glide on your lids with creamy pigmentation to last for long hours. The blendable formula has a smooth application to help you create versatile looks.

It’s almost pumpkin-latte season, and what better than Etude’s Bakehouse palette to serve you warm eye looks? The ten warm brown hues are a palatable combination with bakery colors. The soft and buttery texture offers an intense color payoff. You can create romantic eye makeup looks that last for a long time without clumping or flaking. The palette has two gorgeous finishes in soft mattes and glittery shimmers so you can carry looks from AM to PM!

It doesn’t get better than CLIO’s coral-themed palette for those who enjoy spring’s floral and warm hues. The ten-pan palette has an array of textures and colors so you can create endless looks for every mood and occasion. With a silky smooth application, the colors have finishes from matte and shimmer to pearlescence. The vibrant shades have blush pinks, fruity peaches, beiges, and browns, to complement every skin tone and eye color. Its long-lasting formula is blendable and does not crease or fall out.

Trust this eyeshadow palette by Go H to deliver you results for natural-looking Korean-style makeup. The ten shades from the pan are aesthetically pleasing, set in perfect peachy tones. From soft pinks to plush peaches, cinnamon browns, and sweet shimmers, this combination of colors has got you covered for everyday looks or night-out memos. The high color-rendering powder shades are waterproof and long-lasting. The super easy-to-use formula has a buttery texture that blends in an instant, feeling lightweight and non-sticky.

Like autumn on a palette, this velvety, pearly, and matte nine-shade pan is super fun to match your seasonal aesthetics and mood board. This palette draws inspiration from muhly grass under a sunset and the tints and hues that the scene evokes. With these intensely pigmented colors, you can have multi-purpose applications. From creating a neutral base to blending out an ombre effect or drawing an eyeliner, you can achieve any of K-beauty staple eye makeup look.

Bringing your K-drama makeup fantasies to life, this palette by AMTS is a True Beauty Edition. It has all the colors you could possibly want for a subdued and subtle look. The seven premium quality shades in plush pinks have multiple finishes — matte, shimmer, and glitter. The highly pigmented formula is meant to blend smoothly and last long. The unique feature of this palette is the pink blush cake, which is an ideal shade to match your eye makeup and exude a natural finish.

Known for the brilliant color payoff, blendable properties, and buildable formula, this palette by rom&nd is the one to pop into your bag. The four pastel shades in classic browns are impeccable to mix and match for creating naturally enhanced eyes. With matte and glittery finishes, the ultra-fine particles offer vivid pigmentation that does not clump or crease. Enjoy a long-lasting effect with this pressed formula that allows you to carry your eye makeup from day to night with soft nudes and smoky browns.

If the cute packaging hasn’t convinced you yet, the pastel pinks and peaches from the COLORGRAM eyeshadow palette sure will. The twelve-shade palette has all the finishes one needs to pull off an AM to PM look, from matte and shimmer to creamy glitters. The easy-to-blend formula with a smooth application is all you need to create many versions of your favorite eye makeup looks. The buildable texture does not fall out or turn cakey over time. Complimenting all skin tones, this multipurpose palette is also suitable for base and contour.

With this glitter curation in a compact pan, you can never go wrong! The Glitterpedia palette by UNLEASHIA is the perfect Glitter addition to your makeup bag. In one convenient pan, you can find an array of glitters with different particles, colors, textures, and sizes. The high quality and truly luminous glitters are perfect for creating bright looks, while the shimmers are perfect for creating K-pop-inspired eyeshadow makeup looks. You can also use this Korean makeup palette to create a dazzling eyeliner effect or glide it on as a highlighter.

This 7-shade eyeshadow pan by Espoir in the shade Apricot Me has all the fall colors for you to try this season. The multifold palette has soft and classic colors that can be used for eyes, cheeks, brows, contour, and highlighting. The cushion glitter is a delight to use and stays on for long. The blendable and buildable formula allows full face makeup for all the morning to evening glam that you love. The portable packaging is perfect to pop in the bag and use on the go!

For the love of classics, be it beige hues or soft smokey looks, this brown-toned palette by MAY FOLTREN fits the bill. The nine-eyeshadow pan has warm, sweet, and peachy shades that range from soft mattes to glistening shimmers. The texture is smooth which allows effortless blending and easy buildability. With a natural finish, the palette is an ideal pick for everyday wear. The small glitter cakes make this palette great for special occasions too. The long-lasting formula melts into the skin gently and stays put through sweat without creasing.

Before we hop onto the best way of creating a Korean eye makeup look, check out some quick tips on how to choose the best eyeshadow palette for yourself.

Formula: Not all eyeshadows deliver you the same results. From its texture and finish to pigmentation, there are many factors to consider. Once you have downsized your theme for colors and shades, check for the type of finishes offered in a palette. The more the better! If you have a combination of mattes, glitters, metallics, and shimmers, you can create every look to wear from AM to PM. Pick a soft yet pigmented texture that is easy to blend and build, and additionally has a long stay.

Pigment: An essential thing to note for Korean palettes is that the shadows are only mid-pigmented. Since the preference is a more natural, muted, and sheer finish; the colors do not have an intense payoff or pigment. However, when it comes to shimmers, the formula is more adhesive.

Palette features: If you have sensitive skin, make sure the shadows are hypoallergenic. You may also look for options that are water and sweat-proof, non-clumpy, and crease-proof. For an added benefit, go for the palettes that offer a dual-end brush so you can easily carry it and apply the makeup with ease.

Using a Korean eyeshadow palette is best for creating K-beauty-inspired looks. One can use these pretty palettes to create looks from sun-up to sundowns or incorporate them into their daily makeup routine. Read on to know how you can use your fresh out-of-the-box, Korean eyeshadow palette to cop the sheer yet popping K-makeup effect.

Step 1: Using warm browns, soft pinks, and plush peaches you can create a minimal and natural base for your eyeshadow. These sheer yet matte powders will help you achieve a flattering eyeshadow on the eyes. You can use a soft brush or your fingers to gently dab the color around the eyes in a circular motion.

Step 2: The idea is to make the eyes look younger and brighter. The next step is to add a little pop. You need a brighter and more vivid shade than your base or use glitter shadow to create a heart-like spot. Begin by applying the eyeshadow on top of your eyelids and smudge it below the water line.

Step 3: For enhanced depth and definition, use dark or somber eyeshadow and smudge it around the outer corners of the eyes, as well as on the inner corners. Try a similar shading effect on your lower lash line to finish the look.

Pro hack: Staying under the subdued memo, you can use a darker shade from your palette and apply it as an eyeliner for that puppy-eye look or simply use a regular liner for more glam.

Step 4: Finish off your eye makeup by coating your lashes with mascaras and drawing the brows.

Wrapping up with the compilation and a mini buying guide for the Korean eyeshadow palettes, it’s safe to say that these kawaii pans with pink and peach hues are an absolute must-have in your makeup vanity. The trick is to start off with the lightest shades and gradually move towards brighter and darker tones and finally dust off a little glitter magic. For creating this K-beauty eye look all you need is the best Korean eyeshadow palette. The perfect palette will equip you with mattes, metallics, and glitters so you can create a naturally popping look and have your eyes appear brighter and youthful. With minimalistic shades and layers, using soft pigments of the K-beauty palettes is a breezy task.

Sayantani is a makeup professional from the team who loves trying out new beauty trends, be it skincare or makeup. With K-beauty trends and products on the hype, she went on to create a list of the best Korean eyeshadow palettes. She has enlisted Korean palettes that are pressed with plush peaches and baby pinks with smoky browns and chrome glitters for you to choose from. She researched well through reviews and feedback to present you with the best options available from the vast market.

Our product experts study the specifications of every product we suggest and try them out to bring what’s proven to be worthy of your money, time, and energy. We also have subject matter experts from various fields like Fashion, Skincare, Haircare, Home Decor, and Health & Fitness onboard to make sure our suggestions are credible and trustworthy. You can trust Select to be your faithful shopping guide for all the right reasons!

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