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Cherry Cola Lips Are TikTok’s Latest Beauty Obsession

Jul 26, 2023Jul 26, 2023

By Tish Weinstock

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Another day, another viral beauty trend, as TikTokers have been trading in the latte makeup for a slightly sweeter caffeine fix. Enter the #CherryColaLip, which, according to cult brand Revolution Beauty, has so far raked in 4.9 million views on TikTok and counting. The trend first cropped up back in April, with searches increasing by 925% over the past two months as the look gains momentum on the platform. But, just what are cherry cola lips and how can we recreate them?

“The cherry cola lip trend is a make-up style that draws inspiration from the rich, deep colors of a cherry cola soda,” says make-up artist Yasmin Salmon. Combining reds and browns with high-shine textures, this look is all about feeling fun, fresh, and flirty, with an element of fizz. Instead of covering up your natural colors with matte textures and nude hues, this trend is about letting your natural lips peer through a juicy layer of vibrant color, to create the perfect summer pout. “It’s a versatile trend that can be enjoyed by anyone who wants to add a bold and vibrant touch to their look,” continues Salmon. “All you need to do is find the perfect shades to suit your skin tone.” So far celebrity fans of the trend include make-up artist Mary Philips, Kylie Jenner, and model Amelia Gray.

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“I did this look on Amelia Gray in Paris,” says make-up artist Bari Khalique. “It’s an effortless way of wearing lip color, without committing to the classic matte lipstick, and gives the lips more dimension.” The key components to this look are obviously the color (a red/brown shade) and texture (lacquer) which means you’ll need an excellent lip liner and the perfect juicy gloss.

“To recreate the trend I would get a brown-toned, nude lip liner that is a bit darker than your natural color and use it to outline your lips, shading in at the corners slightly to give more of a pouty effect,” says makeup artist India Excell. “Then get any tone of a red or pink balm or gloss that you feel suits you best and dab it on top.”

This content can also be viewed on the site it originates from.

According to Khalique, you can’t go wrong with a MAC lip liner. His favorites are Cork, Chestnut, and Stone, the latter of which he used on Amelia, and for gloss, he recommends Givenchy Rouge Interdit. Salmon suggests Lisa Eldridge Gloss Embrace Lip Gloss in shade Ribbon—however, you can switch up the colors depending on what works for you.

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