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I’m a celebrity makeup artist

Jun 23, 2023Jun 23, 2023

WHILE makeup is often used to achieve the appearance of flawless skin, if applied wrong, it can quite often do the opposite.

Sarah Amelia Fogg, celebrity makeup artist and founder of Brows by Sarah, has shared the makeup do's and don't throughout the decades - and they could be emphasising your wrinkles and adding years to your appearance.

Speaking exclusively to Fabulous Digital, Sarah says the twenties stands tall as the risk-taker decade because they're full of unique makeup hacks and iffy trends - the main one in her opinion being bleached brows.

The makeup artist, whose famous clients include Denise Welch, Love Island's Olivia Attwood, England Lioness Chloe Kelly and actresses Jen Metcalfe, Faye Brookes and Sally Dynevor, continues: "While brows are usually the safe space of makeup as they define and shape your whole face, many celebrities in their twenties have recently enjoyed bleaching them, such as sisters Kylie and Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid."

Sarah goes on to say how women in their 20’s have always been experimental and notes that the rise of TikTok and other social media has encouraged this risk-taking, trend-driven era.

However, she adds that although she always encourages individuality and personality within your makeup, she doesn't recommend trying the bleached brow trend.

"It can massively affect your brow health and be detrimental to future growth if not done correctly," she says.

"Plus, they aren’t the most flattering if you’re looking for a brow shape and colour that suits you."


Sarah points out that darker brows frame your face and enhance your eye colour and says that even if you have blonde hair, your brows are supposed to be darker.

"If you want to draw attention away from ageing brows that are thinning or gathering fine lines, going a tone lighter can help with this, but bleaching may be a step too far," she explains.

"It's understandable why models Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid have adopted this trend as it's controversial and eye-catching for runways, however for every-day life, I'd personally avoid it.

"If you want to try the trend for yourself, opt for a semi-permanent method and choose a tinted brow serum such as the Wow Brow from Brows by Sarah that's a shade or two lighter than your natural brows.

"This'll allow you to see the outcome before committing to the process," she says.

Sarah explains that as the world of skincare has evolved and grown so much in recent years and there's now an increased knowledge and insight surrounding the whole topic, women in their thirties have started to embrace their natural beauty.

She notes that instead of opting for a full face of glam, we now take more pride in our skincare routine so that we can create an authentic-looking, light makeup routine which demonstrates our natural beauty.

"Many celebrities in their thirties now celebrate their authentic beauty - take Rihanna as a key example," the makeup pro says.

"She's come a long way from her Pon De Replay, full glam days.

Sarah points out that the singing sensation now owns her own leading skincare and makeup brands, Fenty Skin and Fenty Beauty, both with the aim to encourage women to embrace the skin that they're in.

"While she of course still loves the occasional full glam moment, Rihanna now seems to have ditched the filtered images that promote an unachievable beauty standard for women and has instead chosen to create aspirational, self-loving brands," she continues.

"As a female makeup artist, I massively support this movement amongst women in their 30’s as I’m all about inspiring women to love themselves and I think Rihanna is an amazing role model for this."

Sarah explains that practicality is the main aim for women in their 40’s, who tend to be in the busiest era of their life with the combination of kids and careers.

"So a makeup look that's easy to achieve but looks like it's taken all morning is what they’re probably after - think pink," she says.

"One of the main trends for all women currently, especially those in their 40’s, is the matching pink tones across the face.

"Pops of pink across the lips and cheeks create a consistent, symmetrical aesthetic that gives the impression that you’ve put maximum effort into your look.

"It also creates a healthy, natural glow which helps you to look authentic yet put together, perfect for busy women in their forties."

However, Sarah points out that there are numerous shades of pinks, all of which suit different people.

"While the consistent pink trend is definitely practical, make sure that you spend time testing which pink suits you otherwise it's easy for the colour to age you," she warns.

"If you wear the wrong pop of colour for your skin tone, it can wash you out which causes you to age."

She adds: "In general, those with golden skin undertones like Kate Middleton tend to suit warmer pinks such as peach and salmon, while those with cooler tones like Reese Witherspoon suit bright shades like fuchsia.”

According to the makeup whizz, golden, sun-kissed makeup tones are the perfect shades for all ages, especially those 50 and above.

"And while you may be thinking that the recent latte makeup TikTok trend has been predominantly aimed at the younger generations, JLo and Jennifer Aniston are just two big names that constantly wear these shades," she says.

"The warm-toned look is all about creating an effortless, natural face of makeup that has a golden hue - perfect for 50 year olds."

She goes onto say how the key to perfecting it is to use light, warm-toned products that can be built up instead of choosing heavy, full coverage items.

"You want to try and enhance your own skin instead of completely masking it," she explains.

"So start gently and work your way up.

"In my opinion, cream products with glowy formulas look more natural than matte makeup, especially when you're creating a golden, dewy look."

The make up whizz notes that cream products are easier to blend out and have a softer finish, which keeps it looking natural.

However, she warns it’s important to remember not to overdo it and apply too much product.

"Going too heavy with eye shadow and your base can give the impression that you’re trying to erase your age and look younger than you are when in reality, this will only make you look older," she says.

"Instead, it’s all about working with your natural beauty and elevating your features rather than covering them up."

Sarah explains that one of the most prominent makeup trends for women in their 60’s and above, including the icon herself Kris Jenner, is the use of black eyeliner.

"Adding a gentle sweep of black liner around the eyes is perfect for a mature makeup routine as it adds structure to the eyes and makes them look more open," she explains.

"It allows them to become the main focus of your face."

She goes on to say how eyeliner is a great makeup addition as it softens the lash line which avoids your mascara looking too harsh compared to the rest of your makeup.

However, she says it's very easy to overdo eyeliner which can quickly turn it from stylish to ageing.

"In general, I'd usually recommend to avoid applying it underneath your eyes as it can very easily make your eyes look smaller and heavy, which can age you significantly," she warns.

"It can also sometimes collect in the creases under your eyes and smudge which can drag the whole face down."

Sarah points out that although Kris Jenner obviously rocks the under-eyeliner look over and over again, it’s important to remember that she has a trained professional who completes this look for her - hence why it always looks flawless.

"If you’re someone that loves the under-liner look, ask a makeup artist to show you the ropes and recommend their favourite anti-smudge products," she advises.

"You could also try brown liner instead which is lighter and less harsh on the eyes.”

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