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Under £5 Amazon product 'keeps makeup on from morning until night' and feels 'refreshing'

Jun 17, 2023Jun 17, 2023

Those looking to top up on makeup and skincare can find a huge range of affordable and premium brands on Amazon.

Barry M's answer to long-lasting makeup looks is the Face Fixation Setting spray with added skincare ingredients and dewy, matte and original finishes to choose from.

Making makeup last all day is vital for events, long work days and weddings, and there's a way to avoid having to touch-up throughout the day.

One of Amazon's bestselling beauty items is the Barry M Fresh Face Fixation Makeup Setting Spray, with over a thousand ratings.

The product is usually affordable at £5.99, but shoppers can currently get an extra discount, with the price slashed to £4.79.

Buy: Barry M Fresh Face Fixation Makeup Setting Spray (£4.79)

Wearing a full face of makeup for a long period of time can often mean it fades and needs topping up, but there's a way to keep skin looking fresh.

A setting spray can help form a barrier to protect the face from the elements and Barry M's contain skincare ingredients keep skin healthy and hydrated.

There are three different types to choose from - the original Fixation spray with Aronia Berry and Vitamin C, the Dewy Finish spray with Cucumber Extract and moisturising Snow Mushroom, and the Matte Finish spray with Sugar Kelp Extract and Niacinamide.

Some shoppers do mention that the spray can be very wet initially, so it's best to use it sparingly and wait a while after using it before going out, to allow it to dry.

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Shoppers have been leaving feedback on the setting spray, with some praising how useful it is for hot weather.

Samantha said: ''I’m 51 and my daughters said I should try this so I did. It keeps my make-up in place from morning till night. I don’t need to touch it up other than my lipstick. It’s a bit strange when first applied, especially for older ladies like myself that aren’t used to it. Once it’s dried you’re good to go.''

Kim commented: ''Can’t complain for the price. This spray is light and refreshing and has kept my makeup in place during the last couple of weeks when it’s been hot''

Lora also added: ''Does the job, sets nicely once dried. Quite wet initially and spray has quite a wide range so I find it makes my clothes a bit damp, but does dry quickly.''