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Vacation's Classic Whip Sunscreen Is As Fab As Kim Kardashian Says It Is

May 27, 2023May 27, 2023

A Dollop Of Fun

It’s the most playful sunscreen on the block.

“Can I eat that?”

I can’t tell you how many times my 6-year-old has asked me this while pointing to the Vacation Classic Whip SPF 30 Suncreen that lives on our kitchen counter, first out of genuine want and curiosity (she legit thought it was a food product), and now just for fun. And I get it. It looks very similar to the red-and-white Reddi-Whip we keep in our fridge in color scheme and profile (it’s just slightly shorter), but unlike the delicious dessert topping most of us grew up with, this mousse-like product in particular is not meant to be ingested.

Vacation’s ingenious sunscreen is absolutely delightful. Not only does the packaging resemble that of one of the comfort desserts of your childhood (the nostalgia factor is strong here), but it also functions like it too. You shake it, remove the cap, tip it upside down, gently tug the white piping nozzle with star-shaped cutout to the side, and the product dispenses from the tip. The cherry on top? The sunscreen itself even mimics whipped cream in appearance and feel — it’s snow white, über fluffy (like a mousse), and honestly a joy to apply. Because it’s so lightweight, it spreads quickly and transparently (no white streaks here), which makes applying it easy, fun, and fast.

The Classic Whip SPF launched a year ago, has sold out a few times and had some viral moments since, but just this week Kim Kardashian posted it to her Instagram Stories, which only means it’s about to have another moment (and I wouldn’t be surprised if it goes through another round of selling out). You can see it in all its glory on Tik Tok too by searching for #vacationwhipsunscreen (it has over half a million views, it’s just that fun to look at).

Side note, it looks like Kim K received Vacation’s entire fleet of fun sun products, and I can attest that their SPF 30 Chardonnay Body Oil is also a standout choice.

Vacation’s Classic Whip SPF smells like a tropical vacation in a can. You get a hit of banana when dispensing and applying, but you don’t smell overwhelmingly like a potassium-rich fruit afterwards. The scent actually settles into a much more subtle fragrance within a few minutes.

The noteworthy ingredients in Vacation’s Classic Whip SPF are hydrating, soothing, and protective: coconut oil, aloe vera, vitamin E, shea oil, and banana extract. And the cruelty-free formula is free of the major yucks: oxybenzone, octinoxate, and parabens. It’s also a sunscreen safe for kids and those with sensitive skin — it’s dermatologist-, pediatrician-, and allergist-tested.

Planning on going for a dip in the water? No problem. It’s water-resistant for up to 80 minutes. Then you should obviously reapply. Otherwise, reapplying every two hours is recommended.

For the environmentally conscientious, this sunscreen is Hawaii Reef Complaint (Act 104), which means it does not have two popular sunscreen ingredients (oxybenzone and octinoxate) that are harmful to reefs. Just know that if you’re shopping for a sunscreen that is as reef safe as possible, you’ll want to go with a mineral-based SPF instead.

Vacation really aced the packaging here — it’s seriously just like using a whipped cream can. Not surprisingly, it’s a major hit with kids and grownups alike. It feels fancy and a little extra and will hit you with a healthy dose of nostalgia, but unlike some products that are packaged really uniquely or beautifully but aren’t anything to write home about, this SPF actually delivers.



Unless you have an allergic reaction to this product or can’t stomach the price, there really isn’t anything not to love about this product. It really works, is something you will actually use (the cost itself might feel frivolous to you, but sunscreen certainly is not), makes a great conversation starter, and is simply surprising and fun — it truly doesn’t need to be any more complicated than that.

Live a little.

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