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Casey DeSantis' eyebrows have sparked an important national debate

Jun 03, 2023Jun 03, 2023

Judging by how she’s dressed at several high-profile events in her husband’s political career, first lady of Florida Casey DeSantis’ desperation to win Jackie Kennedy comparisons is almost palpable. It’s only kind of worked—she did earn the nickname “Tacky Onassis” in some circles and has recently been dubbed “Walmart Melania”—but the intent is plain: She wants to be thought of as classy, prim, and put-together. So she would probably be absolutely appalled to find out that there’s currently a sizable amount of people online who are horrified by her eyebrows.

It all stems from a photo that’s currently circulating on Twitter, TikTok, and elsewhere in which DeSantis’ brows look cartoonishly bushy:

What’s up with Casey DeSantis eyebrows? pic.twitter.com/PPNj6ykHam

Some seem reasonably convinced that the most extreme version of the picture is fake, because there’s a seemingly undoctored version of the picture from June out there. But users are also chattering about other versions that may or may not be altered. Do these look like DeSantis’ actual brows? I kind of can’t tell anymore!

Casey Desantis has now arrived at the Basque Fry in NV, where the featured dish is fried lamb’s testicles. pic.twitter.com/AhHuItUoWf

Just how thick are this lady’s brows? Have they been growing? Are Casey DeSantis’ eyebrows angling to seize new territory? Do they have … political ambitions? Is it possible they are bodily manifestations of her increasing influence over her husband’s presidential campaign? Should we treat them as prophets?

To be fair, I think the original picture might represent a bit of a Poot situation—that’s the name that was given to an infamous photo of Demi Lovato in 2015 that was so unflattering that fans decided it needed its own alter ego. That is to say, this is probably not the best photo of DeSantis. Though we may not see eye to eye politically, I can concede that she usually looks better than this (even when she’s wearing a leather jacket that says “Where Woke Goes to Die” over a picture of Florida, as she did last month). Her eyebrows, too, don’t usually look quite so severe.

But she does favor a strong brow, and DeSantis might be an anomaly in this way—I can’t think of many other conservative women known for their dark eyebrows. There’s also probably a strong correlation between the lack of strong-eyebrowed women in the Republican party and the preponderance of blond women in conservative politics.

In any case, the jokes about DeSantis’ eyebrows are now flying fast on social media. She has been juxtaposed beside pictures of Eddie Munster, Groucho Marx, and the bird from Angry Birds, and accused of using a black marker as an eyebrow pencil. Some users have joked that she looks like she’s taking styling tips from a group of people her husband hates, drag queens.

BREAKING: Kari Lake helps Casey DeSantis with makeover after thick eyebrows backlash. pic.twitter.com/kZkunVhPli

Say what you want about @CaseyDeSantis, but that woman is a Saint for letting baby birds nest in her eyebrows! pic.twitter.com/pxlHGDHxar

Clearly, these are some powerful eyebrows. It would be great if DeSantis could explore some alternative ways of harnessing that power, like, say, leaving politics altogether to play Emily in Paris’ sister. But their potential for darkness is strong too. We should keep an eye on them—I’ll watch the right one if you watch the left.