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Meghan Markle Once Wore This Gorgeous Gold Dress That Costed Over $100K But Never Wore It Again

Aug 22, 2023Aug 22, 2023

Meghan Markle has had a whirlwind year, making headlines for various reasons, from the cancellation of her podcast to house hunting in Malibu. Amidst it all, the Duchess continues to flaunt her impeccable style, captivating the public’s attention with her fashion choices.

Recently, the internet has been abuzz with a resurfaced photo from 2019, featuring Meghan in a stunning gold dress worn at an engagement party reception in Morocco. The gown exudes elegance and sophistication, but what truly caught the eye was its staggering price tag—reportedly costing over $114,000. Despite the extravagant expenditure, the dress remained a one-time spectacle, leaving fashion enthusiasts wondering about the story behind its singular appearance in her wardrobe.

Meghan can be seen wearing the champagne-colored satin Dior gown featuring a pleated scarf-like neckline that draped down to her arms and had embellishments all around the hemlines. She paired the floor-length gown with a beige clutch bag, golden pointed-toe heels, and shimmery earrings. Her hair was slicked back in an elegant low bun to make room for her high neckline while her makeup consisted of a soft pink lip gloss, dark eyeliner, and a very harsh contour and highlighter that accentuated her cheekbones. The whole look reportedly cost over $125K and we sadly never saw the mom of two wear it again.

In recent news, it's been reported that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are trying to lay down their roots in Malibu, California. According to a reliable source, the decision regarding a potential move has not been finalized yet, but the idea of relocating to a place like Malibu is under serious consideration.

Another insider revealed that Prince Harry and Meghan developed a fondness for the area during their summer stay, prompting them to embark on a casual house-hunting expedition in the region.

Back in 2020, a source shared with Us Weekly that Meghan had an affection for Montecito since her early years. While moving to Montecito had always been a consideration, she and Harry initially decided to move to Los Angeles in hopes of raising their family there while furthering their careers. However, the experience didn't turn out as expected. Harry, in particular, disliked the city due to various issues and clearly having no 'privacy' since part of their motive behind their move was to stay away from the public eye after the British media came down hard on them. We hope Harry and Meghan find the house of their dreams while raising their little family!