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100u 50u Anti Aging Anti

100u 50u Anti Aging Anti

Brief information:1, Brand:BEUTOX2, Potency per vial: 50iu,100iu,150iu3, Composition: human serum albumin,sodium chlorid
Basic Info.
Model NO. 100iu
Shelf Life 3 Years
Store Temperature -5 Degrees or 2-8 Degrees
Duration 6 Months
Used for Jawline, Legs, Shoulder, Neck, Gummy Smiles, R
Transport Package FedEx, DHL, UPS, EMS, China Post
Specification 50iu, 100iu, 150iu
Trademark Beutox
Origin China, Guangzhou
Production Capacity 100000 Piecies/Year
Product Description
Brief information:1, Brand:BEUTOX2, Potency per vial: 50iu,100iu,150iu3, Composition: human serum albumin,sodium chloride4, Dilution information:Dilution:Added(0.9%sodium chloride )Resulting:Dose Units(Units/0.1mL)Warning:Please operate after professional doctor training!!!Advantages:

1. Quick effect (you can see the effect three days after the injection, and you can see a good effect after a week)

2. Long lasting effect (6-12 months)

3. High concentration, strong effect (1800kda concentration is higher than alergan Bot0x)

4. Stability (100,000 clinical failure rate is 0)

5. Safety (with tens of thousands of treatments, no sequelae)

6. Drug resistance (suitable for customers with drug resistance, the antibody rate is less than 0.00001%)

7. Cost-effective

Application:1. shaping of facial contours In addition, because of personal habitual expressions, one side of the muscle will be in a state of constant involvement and tension. Over time, the masseter muscle on this side will become more and more developed. This can cause a crooked mouth or face asymmetry. 2. shapes the legsFor example, if you wear high heels for a long time or improperly exert your calf, you will have a bulging calf, like the curve of a planting leg. Beutox relaxes part of the gastrocnemius muscle, so that the calf muscles are no longer overdeveloped to achieve the effect of thin legs.3. facial wrinklesBeutox relaxes the excessively contracted muscles, which in turn makes the small dynamic facial wrinkles disappear, achieving the purpose of removing facial fine lines. Generally, crow's feet, forehead lines, brow lines, nasolabial folds and neck wrinkles can be improved.4, the shaping the shoulder and neckThe key factor that affects the beauty of the shoulders lies in the shoulder and neck, which is the trapezius muscle, which is located in the surface muscles of the upper back and middle back. For example, incorrect walking posture, hunchback, natural shoulder muscle hypertrophy, or not paying attention to the exercise of this part of the line can lead to this muscle hypertrophy. The principle of Beutox shoulder and neck shaping is to block the nerve impulse of nerves and muscles, relax the over-contracted muscles, paralyze the over-developed muscles, and shrink the originally hyperplastic muscles. This makes the back look slimmer and more elegant.5. exposed gumsGummy smile refers to the lip side gums of the upper anterior teeth exposed when smiling. Gingival laughter generally has three reasons: abnormal maxillary development, excessive muscle strength of the upper lip levator muscle, and abnormal teeth. If the levator muscle strength of the upper lip is too strong, it can be solved by injecting an appropriate amount of Beutox into the correct position.
Products Parameter:
Drying MethodFreeze-driedFreeze-driedFreeze-dried
Potency per vial50 IU100 IU150 IU
Composition50 Units of Clostridium BTXA complex100 Units of Clostridium BTXA complex150 Units of ClostridiumBTXA complex
0.25mg of human serum albumin0.5mg of human serum albumin0.75mg of human serum albumin
0.45mg of sodium chloride0.9mg of sodium chloride1.35mg of sodium chloride
Dilution informationDilution Added (0.9% sodium chloride)Resulting Dose Units (Units/0.1mL)Dilution Added (0.9% sodium chloride)Resulting Dose Units (Units/0.1mL)Dilution Added (0.9% sodium chloride)Resulting Dose Units (Units/0.1mL)


Q:Where to inject?
A:face,jowls,Arm, Body, Face, Head, Leg, Eye, underarm, axilla, oxter, armpit, forehead, bladder, chin, neck, jaw, teeth,and so on

Q:Can I have a sample?
A:Yes,of course,sample is available,normally we will charge the basis cost of the product and also with delivery cost.And For some types,the Sample is free,you just need to pay the delivery cost!Q:When you ship my order?
A:Normally 2 days after receiving your payment, but it can be negotiated based on order quantity
Q:If I order large quantity,do you offer any price discounts?
A:Yes,we'll give you a discount based on your quantity.The more you order,the lower the price
Q:Do you have any other package? Because I don't like the package you offer now.A:Yes, we are an OEM factory,we can accept custom.We will introduce some others to you first.You can also send the package's pictures which you like to us,we will change the package as your request
Q:How can you guarantee the quality?
A:Our factory have 20 years history.We have strictly quality control system in our production process.All the raw material purchasing and production quality control are strictly following the ISO 13485 management system. Besides,the full-featured detection equipment and GMP quality management system to provide the strongest guarantee for high quality product
Q:How about the after-sale service?
A:We have sales Department for customer service!If you want to have any problem about the order,you can easily contact us by whatsapp,E-mail,Skype or telephone anytime!

If not resolve your question,please feel free to contact our sales!