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The Moisturizer That’s Been Dubbed a Miracle Cream Is 34% Off

Feb 07, 2024Feb 07, 2024

Grab it before the sale ends on August 6.

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Finding a moisturizer that fits into your already over-complicated skincare routine can be a task. You want something that won’t alter the equilibrium, but still accomplishes your ultimate goal: plumper, softer, age-defying skin.

And while plenty of products tout just that without any real results in the end, Kiehl’s Super Multi-Corrective Anti-Aging Face & Neck Cream actually delivers on its promise for younger, healthier skin. The formula reduces wrinkles, evens tone, and smooths texture thanks to vitamin- and nutrient-packed formula that includes the trifecta of PhytoMimetic vitamin A, chaga mushroom, and hyaluronic acid.

The chaga mushroom works to even skin tone and boost radiance, the fragmented hyaluronic acid smooths and plump skin, and the PhytoMimetic vitamin A diminishes wrinkles. The brand recommends first cleansing your skin and applying both eye cream and serums before adding a small amount of the Multi-Corrective Cream evenly across your face and neck area.


According to shoppers, the on-sale cream strips away years off your skin without irritating it in the process. Countless reviews praised the Kiehl’s product for noticeably smoother, brighter, and firmer skin. In fact, it’s so effective that one customer said there was “no need” for botox after using the anti-aging moisturizer. They added that their “forehead wrinkles and 11s are gone,” and that the cream “evened out” their skin tone. A fellow shopper said their skin looks “better than it did at 16,” while others saw visibly firmer skin, a more even texture, and improved elasticity.

However, as its name implies, the multi-corrective cream targets more than just one area or one issue. A 71-year-old shopper, who was suffering from eczema “all over” their face, said that it disappeared within two days of using the product. They shared that they were “totally blown away” after this was the “only product” they used.

You can snag the Kiehl’s Multi-Corrective Anti-Aging Face & Neck Cream for $63 during the Nordstrom’s Anniversary Sale, discounted from its usual $95 price tag. You’ll want to hurry though. The sale ends August 6 and products are selling out fast.