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I'm a makeup artist

Jun 18, 2023Jun 18, 2023

FROM exfoliating to applying a toner, there's a lot to remember when it comes to creating the perfect base before your makeup application.

But according to makeup artist Selena, there's a super easy way to make your skin prep a little simpler - and that's by ditching your primer altogether.

In a clip shared to TikTok (@selenamup), she begins: "I make a lot of people angry when I say this, but you need to put down the makeup primer."

The makeup whizz then goes on to show her social media followers the "proper" way to prep your face before you put on foundation.

Sharing her top tip, she explains: "You want your foundation to look flawless.

"You want it to look like your skin.

"So putting on a silicone primer is not the answer."

She goes on to say that the problem with primers is that you really need a lot of moisture before you put on any foundation or you'll get a lot of separation in your skin.


"You need a lot, a lot of hydration," she continues.

"So when you're using your moisturiser, you're not just putting on that much [a small pea-sized amount] and rubbing it in.

"I'm usually doing about a pump and a half of this, and I'm soaking my face.

"So I'm really getting it in every area and it's going to almost give a little white cast to your skin, but that's good because that's going to soak in probably by the time you get to putting on your foundation."

The make up pro notes that she also sometimes does a second layer if it gets soaked in really fast.

"Can you see how much I'm using?" she asks.

"This is going to give your face a really nice base before you put on any foundation."

Selena continues: "There are some instances where you're going to want to use a primer.

"So that'd be if you have really large pores, you'd get a primer that specific for that, or if you're really oily, you wouldn't want to go in with a lot of're going to get a mattifying primer.

"But I'd say just in general, use moisturiser.

"I use moisturiser on 99% of my clients."

The video has since racked up over 392k views and several comments, with many in agreement with Selena.

"I will trust anything you say. Your makeup application is always a 10/10," praised one.

A second commented: "I despise primer! I start with moisturiser and setting spray."

A third penned: "I also just moisturise."

And a fourth added: "Yes! I just use a hydrating moisturiser and my makeup looks fantastic all day long.

"I do not like my makeup with a primer. It separates!"