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Paulina Porizkova shares video with face makeup — then without — in raw post about aging

Jun 22, 2023Jun 22, 2023

Paulina Porizkova is getting real about aging.

On Aug. 21, Porizkova posted a video of herself with and without makeup to show her followers what a 58-year-old face "without fillers, Botox or surgery" looks like with just good lighting.

"I have had lasers (ultherapy and Morpheus ) and used spf religiously since my early twenties," the supermodel wrote. "I have chosen not to put anything 'into' my face — but even with the fanciest creams and lasers that promise to restore some collagen- I am aging.

"Some days, I like it. I feel like my face has gained character even as it’s lost its youthful prettiness. And it seems a fair trade off," Porizkova continued. "Other days, (and this is mostly only if I do a photoshoot), I have to gulp some self acceptance. I have changed."

Porizkova noted that she's grown to be "wiser" and "bolder" over the years and has learned to accept she is aging.

She added that she's been "told by society" her looks have changed "for the worse," but her loved ones tell her that she's changed "for the better" on the inside.

"When I close my eyes, I have never felt so desirable or beautiful," she said. "When I open them, the world has never been as beautiful as it is now. So another gulp of self acceptance. Maybe, one day I can just look and see myself as I see others."

She also said she’s in a relationship with someone who finds her absolutely “beautiful and tells me so with words and actions every day.”

However, she noted that she was already on the path to self-love before she met him.

“I wanted to be able to accept myself as I am. And needed to know that those who love me — love me for the truth of who I am rather than who I pretend to be or who I’m expected to be,” she penned.

In 2019, Porizkova's husband Ric Ocasek, co-founder and lead singer of the new wave band The Cars, was found dead in New York City.

In May, Porizkova revealed that she was dating someone new when she shared a photo of her kissing TV writer Jeff Greenstein in front of the Eiffel Tower.

“Three months of laughter, kisses, banter, love and unalloyed goofiness, celebrated in the goofiest of ways in the most romantic city in the world,” she said on Instagram.

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