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What is Latte Makeup?

Jun 05, 2023Jun 05, 2023

Here’s how to recreate it.

As you scroll through TikTok, you’ll soon come across a recurring trend in #BeautyTok, where certain looks and trends are creatively labeled with food references. From "dewy dumpling skin" to "blueberry milk nails'' and "banana-inspired eye shadow," the platform is teeming with delightful food-inspired beauty ideas. But the most recent viral trend to surface on our feeds is the warm, bronzed, and glowy “latte makeup” trend.

“Latte makeup” lives up to its name, as it embodies a refined and glowy look with hues of espresso tones. This universally-flattering makeup look proves to be pretty attainable with the right products, making it a simple, go-to beauty choice for all skin tones.

The first step to achieve latte makeup is to prep and prime the skin with all the proper hydration and SPF. First, use a hydrating serum like Guinot’s Hydra Summon Serum. It’s formulated with hyaluronic acid, an ingredient that helps skin retain moisture. Then, apply an SPF all over. I’m really into Guinot’s Logic Face SPF 30 right now.

Once you’ve prepped the skin, apply a creamy bronzer on the areas you want to contour. Tower 28’s Sculptino Cream Contour Bronzers are sheer, super blendable, and fool-proof to apply. Pro-tip: Avoid shades that fall outside of the bronze and brown range. A.k.a., put down the blush. The trend is all about using creamy formulas to accentuate your natural features.

Post-bronzer, apply a skin tint like this one from Keys Soulcare. Then, use a defining pencil to fill in your brows. (Kosas’s Brow Pop Pencil has a wide shade range.)

For the lids, consider Charlotte Tilbury’s Super Nudes Easy Eyeshadow Palette—it has every shade you need to create the perfect macchiato eye. Work a dark shade into the lash line, then blend a neutral tone up to the crease. To further enhance the latte-inspired eyes, swipe on a long-lasting and precise brown liquid liner by Lancôme before finishing with a volumizing, lengthening mascara.

Lining the lips with a neutral shade helps pull the look together. Opt for Patrick Ta’s Monochrome Moment Precision Lip Crayon—it comes in a vast shade range, so you’re sure to find a hue that’ll complement your natural lips. If you feel compelled to, tap some highlighter onto your cheekbones, eyelids, and décolletage area.

The sun-kissed, caffeinated-inspired makeup look is a versatile style that suits any season, can be worn day or night, and looks great on all skin tones. And just like caffeine’s addictive appeal, the latte makeup trend may be your consistent go-to look.

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